Perfected recipe for Egyptian, bakery-style Ghorayeba cookies!  Delicate, fine-textured, smooth and melts-in-the-mouth delicious.

Why is it that the simplest things are always the hardest to get right?

Ghorayeba is a 3-ingredient, plain, seemingly simple drop cookie with no bells and whistles, and a straightforward flavor.  How hard can it be?


Just like basbousa and red velvet cupcakes, these stubborn cookies drained the life out me, trying to get them the way they’re supposed to be.

I went through dozens and dozens of failed attempts, that I was this close to giving up on it and calling it quits.

But I’m glad I hung on for those last few trials, because they are what led to the The Perfect Ghorayeba. 

What is Ghorayeba?

Ghorayeba can be described as the shortbread of the Middle East without the crunch.  Barely sweet, with a pleasant ghee flavor, ever-so-slight bite and a delicate texture that melts away in the mouth.  

The classic Egyptian type is flavored with nothing but the ghee its made with, while other parts of the Arab world like Syria and Lebanon, often flavor theirs with orange blossom and rose water, where its also slightly crunchier and pronounced ‘Graybeh’.  Today, we’re focusing on the Egyptian variation.

Ghorayeba is most known for it’s distinctive fine crumb, smooth finish with a fuzzy outer layer and angelic off-white color.  It has a cloud-like mouthfeel that disintegrates to the bite and a rich lightness like no cookie I know of.

The texture is everything when it comes to ghorayeba and I don’t think enough adjectives will ever do it justice.  It’s just one of those things you need try to be able to know what it’s like.