A traditional Middle Eastern delicacy with a new twist! A semolina-based pistachio concoction, with an ashta cream surprise center, is turned into bite-sized truffles for the ultimate party treat!  A simpler, traditional method also included.  Plus…recipe VIDEO at the end of the post!

If you thought Middle Eastern cuisine has had its fill of pistachios, think again.

Pistachios are part and parcel of the region’s food, and we can’t help but sit back and enjoy its excessive use.

A light splash of ground pistachios here, a sprinkle of sliced pistachios there, is second nature to Middle Eastern cooks and we’re not complaining one bit.

This Mafroukeh on the other hand, will make other pistachio-kissed desserts, literally green with envy.

It is the mother of all pistachio sweets and a true depiction of the nut’s beauty.

It takes pistachios from a pretty and tasty addition in other sweets to center stage, where it becomes the star of the show.

It is the dominant flavor, shining color and pleasing texture.

So if you’re a fan of pistachios, you’re gonna fall in love with Mafroukeh.