This easy ice cream pie is bursting with KitKat in every bite! Vanilla ice cream with crispy chunks of KitKat and swirls of salted caramel, sit atop a pie crust made from crushed KitKat bars.  Delicious!

KitKat Ice Cream Pie

This blown up version of Reese's is literally the BIGGEST treat for peanut butter cup lovers!  It tastes so much like the real thing and it doesn't hurt that its NO bake and so easy to make!

Giant Peanut Butter Cup

This tart could not be easier or more delicious! Cinnamon spiced digestive biscuit crust, layered with soft dates, walnuts and caramelized condensed milk. Heavenly!

Date Walnut Tart

Luxurious Nutella Tart {Hazelnut tart shell, crunchy caramelized hazelnuts, silky Nutella ganache filling and a shiny Nutella glaze}.

Luxurious Nutella Tart