sweetened condensed milk

Pleated sheets of phyllo dough, soaked and flavored with a luscious combination of sweetened condensed milk and cream, topped with puffs of ground cinnamon and a sprinkle of nuts.  Crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside...simply one of the best easy desserts you will ever make!

Mesh Om Ali (Phyllo Milk Pie)

The classic cream konafa just got ice cream-ized! Crunchy, sweetened konafa cones served with a no-churn rose and orange blossom water scented eshta ice cream

Cone-afa Ice Cream

This tart could not be easier or more delicious! Cinnamon spiced digestive biscuit crust, layered with soft dates, walnuts and caramelized condensed milk. Heavenly!

Date Walnut Tart

The much loved banana toffee pie made even simpler in cute little individual cups! With layers of digestive biscuit crust, dulce de leche, banana slices and whipped cream, this no-bake “pie” is dangerously delicious and a cinch to make!

Banoffee Pie Cups

This superbly moist pumpkin spiced cake is so easy to make with the use of a revamped cake-mix. With its pockets of sweetened condensed milk, not-too-sweet caramel sauce, and clouds of caramel whipped cream and pecans, this cake is always a big hit with the crowd!

Pumpkin Caramel Poke Cake